After reading Rabiner’s prologue and introduction, I began to think of my idea in a different light. Her information regarding how trades are stocked on the shelves of booksellers was very enlightening. However, I was not caught completely off guard by this. We live in an era where not only book sales but all other forms of human interaction have been codified, listed, tested and schemed for a sustained and lasting impact on future sales. It seemed strange that her quote at the very beginning of the book bears little resemblance to what amounts to pure marketing strategy; “The books the thing.”

Some of her main points are things I have thought about time and time again and have been the reason why I’d never ventured to write anything before. Well, at least, nothing aimed at serious publication. I also considered changing my topic in light of this new information to investigate how we as human beings are becoming increasingly more like the products which sit upon the shelf but I decided to instead stick with my initial idea however abstract, because: 1. I feel it’s very important and 2. because I like a challenge.

In fact, while I do enjoy writing I am not wedded to it and I believe this helps me to be more flexible in the molding of my ideas into something more easily digestible. I’m not saying that I want to write for the lowest common reader, (though this might well have given me the opportunity to include drawings and I Looove to draw, but I digress.) nor do I want to appeal to the academic snob either. The fact that I never really know who my audience is has always been a liberating force to me as a writer. After reading Mrs. Rabiner’s intro, I can see I’m going to have to construct a very unusual bunch of scenarios if I want to keep myself and my potential readers interests, whoever they may be. Perhaps I am completely wrong and it is closer to the bottom of the scale after all. Sharpening up those colored pencils now.



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