7th Blog/Project

Chapter 1. Walking narratives- (narrative)

The ultimate story we all possess. Getting up on stage; stories of various poetry attempts. What can you possibly hope to communicate to others through poetry?

Chapter 2. The Moral Question– (Break narrative)

What is the nature of the communication between the audience and the poet? Does the poet have an obligation towards their audience? Morality in art?

Chapter3. The Outsider– (context)

Outlaw poets, rebels, and outsiders. The exclusion principle or the role of the poet in society.

Chapter 4. The Dying art– (context)

Is poetry’s readership is declining? Poetry’s transformative history and the methods used in teaching poetry today.

Considering I will be talking about language, in general, I feel the need for a first person narration to engage the reader. My sample chapter will discuss how the allure of poetry hooked me and why this matters to myself and others. I will illustrate this through stories of my own experiences reading poetry and why I believe poetry can help us to think better. I will be using narrative in outlining my own stories but will draw on historical and philosophical insights regarding narrative as well. The nature of words, varying interpretations and cultural biases are some of the other themes to be explored.


About gumgee12

I am a writer, painter, poet. Below is a link to my online portfolio. I can also be found on Facebook- Gumgee.
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