Book Chapter 1

In researching material that will contribute to my forthcoming chapter, I found a wealth of information. Trying to pare this down into what direction I want my book chapter to take is an ongoing process. I’m finding this to be a real challenge because although I feel I have a command of my subject matter but I’m finding the research is changing this aspect.

Looking at poetry from strictly a first person viewpoint and how it does or doesn’t influence people is something I know from reading it as well as hearing it first hand from people is one thing. The other side of that coin is, what are the elements which make up poetry? Why does it elicit such a response from people either positive or negative? This is tied up in things like poetry’s history, the language and how it’s components come together. This latter is a bit more technical and I’m separating these aspects to sharpen the focus of my chapter.

The Atlantic Online:

This article lines up specifically with my main interest- “Can Poetry Matter?”

I liked this site because it leans a bit towards statistics regarding poetry’s popularity.

The Smart Set

“The Re-enchantment of poetry.”

I liked this article because it draws specifics between reading poetry and inspiration. It not only looks at poetry through the ages but connects it to modern day readers and culture or lack of.

Dark Horse Magazine

“Poetry as Enchantment”

Very well written. A blend of literary sense with facts regarding poetry as an art form. This article also makes claims against the serious study of poetry. It provides a stark reality to the whimsical nature of writing and academia.

 Oscar Wilde in America

What can I say but simply inspiration times ten. Reading Wilde always gives me hope in the power of language in changing hearts and minds.  These are details from Wilde’s poetry tour in America in the 1800’s. both in reviews, as well as topics, covered. A fascinating account.


“Does Poetry Still Matter?”

Gets down to the heart of the matter. Looks at statistics but also talks about the current state of poetry. Where is poetry headed? What is it’s value if any in the current cultural landscape, as well as statistics, statistics, statistics


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