Book Proposal


Poetry can bring so much to the human condition. It is where language itself comes from and anyone who enjoys ideas or good conversation will discover a rich world within it. Poetry is all around us; it is in music, in various displays, in magazines and newspapers even in the signage everywhere though you might need to jumble the words up a bit. this means there is a sense of play or engagement with poetry that by its nature calls us to join in on. It’s something to be practiced and like any language can be very inspiring because poetry like all art forms allows one to truly create the world instead of merely viewing it.

It isn’t just about words on a page but also a way of seeing and thinking about the world and ourselves in it.

I wondered why at my favorite watering hole people were often hunched over their phones and other devices? Surely they could do this at home and at half the price to boot? People want to be out in the crowd but alone too which is something I find irreconcilable. There is a closed minded pervasiveness to our society and poetry is a way to counter that. This is because poetry talks outside of language, it isn’t beholden to the same conventions of meaning and in this way has something vital to contribute to our way of thinking.

Poetry has gotten a bad rap over the years in part because at some point it left the performance realm and has been tied strictly to the page to be dissected piecemeal. Poetry is music, its life was born out of rhythm and ultimately communication with others long before the written word. Stories have been handed down through the centuries and they are still being told today. These are just some of the reasons why poetry is important and why readers will find this book interesting and engaging. We all have stories and this is the common link between all of us. My time spent at performing spoken word as well as watching it has both informed my poetry and led me to questions regarding language in general. Something which begins partly in performance on stage and then becomes a conversation between people afterward is something of a marvel. If you like stories and having great conversations, hearing live music or seeing any live performance this book is for you. People with a scholastic background or anyone who enjoys art or likes learning can get a lot out of these pages.

Poetry is all in the attempt it’s about trying something new and nothing one has to get correct. Like music or any other art it has been passed down from person to person through the centuries and it’s ability to inspire people to go out and make their own art is one of its most attractive features. though you may still not think poetry does anything, I contend that at least it teaches a way of rerouting the brain a little, to be a bit more open perhaps or take a moment before rushing to the same conclusions we always do.

I’ve enjoyed being both a reader and a writer of poetry over many years and the subject matter continues to grow deeper and richer.


About gumgee12

I am a writer, painter, poet. Below is a link to my online portfolio. I can also be found on Facebook- Gumgee.
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