The further adventures of poetry

I would further refine my thoughts on poetry trying to keep the reader engaged with what I am saying. Poetry is about communication and I will try to draw parallels to our everyday lives.

  1. Poetry is language It is born out of an oral tradition predating the written word. People told one another stories and epic stories were born from these. The universal themes:

Love won or lost, The hero (travels, triumph) good vs evil, etc. These themes were later the basis of traveling actors in the 12th century (date here) from which Shakespear had later viewed as a youngster and incorporated into his own plays expounding upon them.

  1. Poetry is song- First sung (date here) and that singing has continued through the centuries influencing modern music. The big bang was a sound and this resonated. The world as energy everyone moving vibrating through the cosmos etc.
  2. Poetry as well being. Teaches the mind to think differently. Science supports that people who know another language their brain functions higher. Making connections with others through any art form is good for the whole being.


I think by keeping the language fairly simple and by drawing parallels to things everyone can identify with in their own lives it will remove the tendency to over explain ideas. The basic principles of artistic expression such as curiosity or the ability or willingness to identify with aspects of a poem are a good jumping off points. I want to show a language alive for the reader to have it right there front and center. As I’ve indicated above there is some history but these will be juxtaposed with examples from today. The universal themes such as love or hate are still relevant to today and one of the reasons people are online. There is certainly in our own narratives a need to cajole, to antagonize. It’s where protagonist comes into the picture. In any drama, there is something happening some resolve whether in the mind or in action, so I will show this with examples from modern writers, entertainers, intellectuals, artists etc. Again, trying through many examples of how words can effect our interpretation of ourselves and the world around us.


About gumgee12

I am a writer, painter, poet. Below is a link to my online portfolio. I can also be found on Facebook- Gumgee.
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